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Get Ready for some 'Action-Packed' Excitement!

Jordan Demers, Wheels-N-Motion Pro Team Rider
Don't settle for 'ordinary' at your next event. Looking for something different and truly exciting? If so, we can deliver an action-packed bmx stunt performance that is sure to do the trick!

I'm happy to announce that our team is currently booking and scheduling performances for the 2015 season. We offer a number of performance packages that range from educational-based school assemblies to performances designed simply to entertain audiences of all ages at any type of event or venue. We look forward to making your next event the best one yet!

Scott Duszlak 'ScottyD'
Wheels-N-Motion BST, Founder/Team Rider

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Feature Video

2HIP Bikes Obsession 2003: Jon Demers Breakthrough Video Premiere
2003 2HIP Bikes Obession Video: Jon Demers

This month we're featuring a video clip that feature's Jon Demers, team rider and co-owner of Southbridge Bicycles. The clip from the 2HIP Bikes 'Obsession' video features some amazing raw footage of Jon back in 2003! If this video doesn't represent dedication to the sport of BMX, I don't know what does. Enjoy!

Watch 'Jon Demers in 2HIP Bike's 'Obsession'....

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